About Us

Made In The City values the mature ambiance experience for our clientele. Some of the venues utilized by Made In The City include elegant banquet halls and ballrooms in major hotels – to include the LaFontaine Bleue, Sheraton, Hyatt, Best Western, Hotel Washington, the Historical Society of Washington, DC (City Museum of DC), Yards Park, and National Building Museum.

Our motto is hosting events with mature ambiance for our clientele. We value the customer experience and have made a commitment to our clientele to provide quality entertainment. The heartbeat of Made In The City lines directly with the trust of our clients to provide an impeccable entertainment experience in upscale venues and with top-notched entertainers.

Our clientele is a diverse base and holds Made In The City to a high level excellence in providing quality adult entertainment. By continuously providing our clientele with the experience, Made In The City has been blessed with repeat business from our client base and vows to maintain the high level of customer satisfaction.

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